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Railway equipment
Lifting jacks for tyred vehicles
Lifting jacks for railway vehicles

Lifting Jacks for
Tyred vehicles

Lifting jacks for railway vehicles
Lifting Jacks for tyred vehicles

The CESPA electro-mechanical lifting Jacks, SEM model, are projected to lift buses and heavy vehicles on tyres. Each set consists of 4 columns + 1 independent movable control panel. Nevertheless it is possible to control several sets from one control panel. The jacks are projected and manufactured in conformity with the current rules and are CE type-tested.

Model SEM 55 SEM 75 SEM 90 SEM105
Lifting capacity for jack 5500kg 7500kg 9000kg 10500kg
Lifting capacity for set 22000kg 30000kg 36000kg 42000kg
Lifting speed 0.5 m/l' 0.5 m/l' 0.5m/l' 0.5m/l'
Power 2.2 kw 3.5 kw 3.75kw 4 kw
B 1800mm 1800mm 1800mm 2000mm
C 1130mm 1130mm 1130mm 1130mm
D 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100
H 2580mm 2580mm 2780mm 2980mm
M 175mm 175mm 175mm 175mm

Lifting Jacks Columns
• Electromechanical lifting system, with trapezoidal irreversible   screw
• High quality cast bronze nut with auxiliary safety nut
• Columns manually movable on floor, with hydraulic shaft
• Column verticality water level
• Automatic lubrication pump for nut and screw
• Electromagnetic braking motors

Control panel
• Protection IP55
• Plugs according to the number of jacks, with safety lock
• Main power voltage 380 V - three-phase - 50 Hz
• Auxiliary circuits voltage 24 V
• Lifting synchronisation controlled through PLC
• Operator digital display
• Mechanical and electrical up/down interlocked commands
• Motors protected through magnetic and thermal protection   switches
• Phase sequence control relay
• Selection switch: individual, couple or joint operation of the   jacks
• Connecting cables, double isolation with protective sheath,   flame-retardant length 10 mt

• Automatic continuous lifting balance
• Nut lifted-off electronic control
• Phase sequence electronic control
• Plugs correct connection electronic control
• Down forks obstacles electronic control
• Acoustic signalling
• Messages monitoring on operator display
• Emergency stop buttons both on panel and columns
• Total safety guards
• Upper/lower electric and mechanical limit switches per jack
• Programmed maintenance electronically controlled by PLC
• Lifting height of each column monitoring on operator display
• Internal clock monitoring on operator display


08/10 June 2010
Torino Italia

21/24 September 2010
Berlino Germania
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